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old Dole advertisement
I just discovered this girl who makes awesome drawings. Not only because of the technique, style or whatever you name it, but because of the meaning every piece has behind.I think most women will feel identified with the feelings represented in all her paints: frustration, fear, poor self-image… Is hard to let go of this feelings but looking at her work makes it a bit easier.
See more of her work here. And congratulations to the author! 

Can’t get over this amazing art work
white, black and gold all in one pair of Nikes - love
reminder: focus on the beautiful parts of life. Do not waste too much time worrying about problems and issues, and specially those which only are inside your imagination. Be present.
eat a rainbow
love love love Alexa’s outfit at Topshop Unique s/s 2015 fashion show. I NEED that leo skirt asap